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About Us

DEALS 4 DIME LLC. is a thriving platform where businesses can successfully advertise their products and services online. Our goal is to help businesses increase their revenue and client base by advertising their offerings quickly and effectively. Radio, billboards, and newspapers have declined, and today's market needs cheaper, faster, and more effective advert channels. Get started right now; simply go to REGISTER to set up your account (it takes about 2 minutes) and start promoting today! McSam is the Founder of Deals4Dime.com

Sell Safely

Sell Safely

Always let your customers come to you to do business at your usual business location, to avoid copycats or scammers pretending to be you. Deal with your customers face to face to avoid scam Report Fraud To: USA: Ftccomplaintassistant.gov or Hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357) CANADA: Canadian Anti-Fraud Center or 888-495-8501 (Toll free) Local Police Department.

Buy Safely

Buy Safely

Do not pay for products online. Go to your customer to buy. Confirm you are buying from the right business and not scammer.

Ads Locations

Classiera provided you a ads location section where you can add your desired locations there is no limit for the locations so do it as you would like to.


To increase your sales, we have featured Premium and Platinum to enjoy all the benefits that comes with it. 1. Log in if you already have an account or create account if you do not have an account. 2. Click on packages in your account profile and scroll to the bottom to “Purchase Ad Plan”. 3. Scroll down and click on “AD PLANS”. $150 for 1 year, $99 for 6 months. 4. Proceed to payment and insert payment methods. 5. Return to your account and click on “POST NEW ADS” 6. Select category for your ad and fill all marked areas. Upload videos or images (optional). 7. Select the featured ad you paid for. 8. Publish Ad.


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  • Click purchase now and return to your account to complete the purchase. Follow instruction on how to purchase ads
  • Featured ad posting
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